I taught Natalita as a little girl. She was extremely talented even then. She’s had a painful road to travel but she’s always singing and creating.

NATALITA is an independent singer, songwriter, producer and performance artist. Her creations are rituals for unlocking divine feminine power.

After working as an actor and dancer in Hollywood NATALITA began to make music production and songwriting her main focus.
In 2015 NATALITA recorded her first solo EP, SheSavage, as a response to the empty promises and inescapable male gaze of the music industry. Rather than contorting to fit the mold of a “pop star,” NATALITA continued to carve out her own path. Later that same year, she wrote and recorded a second EP, Ritual Rhythms, a creatively freeing collaboration with producer Dave Roen.

NATALITA relocated to New Orleans in January of 2016, seeking solitude and renewed creative power. With the freedom and inspiration of a new city, she wrote and recorded her latest EP, 6, to be released on April 10th 2017.
“6” was the answer to NATALITA’S healing, and the beginning of a new relationship with herself as Woman and as artist.


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